The marble company of Stylianos Gklotsos was founded in 1966 and started operating as a small marble processing plant. Since then, its growth has been rapid and thus it evolved in a major production unit, called "MARMARODIAKOSMITIKI LTD".

Nowadays our company has invested both in research and machinery of the latest technology as well as in being environmentally friendly. Thanks to constant effort it succeeded in primarily producing and processing the stone of Chios and the white marble of Veria in private quarries of Chios and Veria respectively.

The "MARMARODIAKOSMITIKI LTD" creations of impeccable design and top quality materials are ideal for an aesthetic result that highlights your space. We are really proud not only of the outcome of our work but mainly of the fact that we have been given the opportunity to show up two more treasures of the Greek nature, the “stone of Chios”  (Woodstone) and the “marble of Veria”. Our founder‘s (Stylianos Gklotsos) great concern, his strong bonding to the marble and the stone, the love and devotion to his work, the joy of creation that he felt once he achieved his goals, combined with his experience and deep knowledge of the subject, quickly led him to the trade market with the company "VERGINA LTD", located in Veria.

The distances between Chios island and Veria are long. The movements are even more difficult. However the admiration for the marble overcame every obstacle and led to the decision of a new company. And we feel happy and proud to represent the best Greek marble that stands out due to his quality and glamour.

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