In terms of petro-graphic character, purity, consistency, breakage and friction resistance, the “WHITE” of VERIA is one of the finest Greek marbles, comparable to the ancient Pentelic stone. According to IGME data the “WHITE VERIA” has the lowest rate of absorption- soak, great resistance to compression, tension and abrasion. These properties combined with the specific weight and the excellent aesthetic appearance of the marble “Vergina LTD”, make it perfect for applications in architecture, interior design, design of furniture and artistic objects, as well as for any indoor or outdoor use that requires a material full of beauty, vitality and durability over time.

Mineral composition: Calcite 98%, Dolomite 1%, Quartz 1%, Bulk Specific Gravity 2720 kg/m3, Absorption rate 0,02Wf%, Compressive Strength 990 kg/cm2, Tensile and Bend strength 207kg/cm2, Abrasion strength 6,94mm.


Chios Stone (also known as Woodstone) offers unlimited combinations and with the variations it produces, surrounds your space, giving the illusion of relaxation and warmth. Provides unlimited combinations and perfectly blends modern, rustic or classic style.

Chios Stone is ideal for decorative creations because it combines perfectly with materials such as wood, metal, ceramics, etc. Our stone also offers traditional elegance and durability over time.

It provides warmth, catering to every aesthetic requirement because the classical beauty is in complete harmony with every style, from traditional to modern architectural constructions, both indoors and outdoors.

Our company's members affirm the undeniable superiority of our stone strength, its natural beauty, its impressive colors, its luxury and gives the big advantage to "tie" it with all the aesthetically materials, valued not only by experts but also by ordinary people who decide on their own about the reconstruction materials of their residence!!